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Mule Days Taking Benson by Storm this Weekend

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BENSON — For more than a week, the focus has been on Hurricane Floyd. But in Benson, at least for a few days, Floyd is all but forgotten while the town celebrates the golden mule.

Benson'sMule Dayscelebration hits the half-century mark, and the celebration will not bow down to Hurricane Floyd.

"We've got a big mess at home, [but] not as bad as some people. But it's a good way to get away. It'll be there when we get back after the weekend," says rodeo judge Danny Sain.

Mule Days will be a time for thousands of people to forget about big, bad Floyd.

"It's good family fun over here and it kind of takes their mind off of what really happened just a week ago or so, you know," he says.

John Holloway made the trip from Virginia despite being nearly flooded in.

"Cancelling this has never crossed my mind. I live for this thing, I love it," says Holloway. "I come down here, I enjoy it. I have a ball down here every year."

Holloway was not about to let Floyd's flood waters keep him away.

"I'd swim down here. I [said] if Benson was washed away, I'm gonna go down there and ride through the ruins. I'm going to Benson no matter what. I'm going to Benson."

Mule Days continues throughout the weekend and culminates with the rodeo Sunday at 2 p.m.

Some of the proceeds will go to help the flood victims down east. Reporter: Lynda Loveland