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Generosity Abundant Despite Trying Times

Posted September 23, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— There are many remarkable stories rising from the flood waters of Eastern North Carolina. Even people who lost everything in the flooding are pitching in to help other flood victims.

Food and water are luxuries for people in eastern North Carolina. Volunteer firefighters from the Heartsease community in Edgecombe County are delivering a little bit of hope with every box.

Volunteer firefighter Richard Grimm knows a thing or two about losing everything. His home was also destroyed by flooding.

"Basically, I have nothing left," he says.

Still, Grimm and two other firefighters who lost a home and a business continue to report to work every day. They say their goal is simply to help others.

"It is just something I was raised on, helping people out when there was trouble," he says.

"We know exactly how they are feeling. We let them know we're there, we've been through it," says firefighter Rick Hadley.

People receiving help from the firefighters say they are touched and amazed by their generosity.