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Standing Water Breeds a Pesky Problem

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GOLDSBORO — Hurricane Floyd ransacked Eastern Carolina, but a bigger threat is looming. Stagnant water is the perfect setting for full-blown epidemics.

In flooded areas, pesticides are being sprayed to kill mosquitoes and cut down the risk of encephalitis.

Millions of mosquitos are swarming all over flood-ravaged areas, looking to bite any human they can find. That bite can bring on a potentially deadly virus called encephalitis.

In Goldsboro, some residents are already putting on mosquito repellent before taking a walk or doing yard work.

Officials are waging a war against the insects. In Goldsboro, they are throwing briquets in standing water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching. They are spraying a pesticide mist into the air to kill the ones that have already hatched.

"We've requested that the state do some aerial spraying because the city of Goldsboro only has two machines and we're covering 24 square miles approximately every two days," says Ed Cianfarra, an insect control officer.

Officials in many flooded cities and counties are now asking the state to spray pesticides from the air. They say this measure will go a long way in preventing a massive mosquito problem.


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