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Patrols Protecting Flood Victims from Becoming Crime Victims

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NASH COUNTY — It is the dark side of disaster; there are people looking to take advantage of flood victims who are down and out.

Flood damage has forced home and business owners to take all of their belongings outside. They have to keep them there because there is no place else to put them.

Extra law enforcement, Military Police and the National Guard are standing watch in several neighborhoods to keep looters out.

In Rocky Mount, police are getting extra help from parole and probation officers. They guard flooded neighborhoods from looters during the day, only letting in authorized people.

At nightfall, police take over. They are being counted on to make sure flood victims do not become crime victims.

Extra patrols are also guarding residences and businesses in other areas left exposed by flooding.

Rocky Mount Police expect another 200 members of the National Guard to arrive by Thursday to help out with the patrols.