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Incinerators Burn Carcasses of Farm Animals Lost in Floyd's Floods

Posted September 22, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— One of the state's top cleanup priorities in Floyd's wake is safely disposing of dead animals.

State officials estimate 2.4 million chickens, 500,000 turkeys, and 100,000 hogs drowned in the flood waters.

Three incinerators are now operating 24 hours a day to burn the carcasses.

A state veterinary medicine officer says there are other methods being used as well, including burial and composting.

"If it was just up to incineration, there would be no way in the world that the carcasses could [all] be dealt with," says Dr. Jimmy Tickel.

Tickel says many farmers are helping by disposing of some of their own animals on site.