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Debris Disposal Leaves Some Wake County Residents Out on a Limb

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RALEIGH — The post-Floyd cleanup is under way. While damage to trees in the Triangle was not as great as from Hurricane Fran, if you have big trees down in your yard, you will probably have to pay to have them removed.

Cleanup is hard work with an uncertain end.

"As soon as we get it on the ground we're going to try to haul it somewhere. Where, we don't know yet," says Matt Held as he helped clear debris from his parents' home.

That is the problem many homeowners face. Damage is not great enough for federal help.

Disposal at Raleigh's Yard Waste Landfill is free, but can be used only by city residents and only accepts small debris.

"We accept grass clippings, hedge cuttings, branches and leaves and limbs that have to be six inches in diameter and no longer than five feet," says Cynthia Newkirk of the City of Raleigh.

People are being turned away at the Wake County Yard Waste Facility because it is not set up to handle large amounts of yard debris. The county's yard waste facility off Durant Road will accept residential yard waste beginning Monday.

Also beginning Monday, the North Wake Landfill/Yard Waste Facility on Durant Road will accept yard debris that does not exceed four feet in length and four inches in diameter. This is free for residential vehicles only.

Some turned away from the Wake Yard Waste Facility turned to private waste disposal yards.

Homeowners can bring bigger debris to two private landfills for free disposal on September 23-25 only. They are the Holly Springs Landfill and the Shotwell Landfill. After that time, it can cost anywhere from $10 to more than $100.

The county is working with two private contractors in Raleigh and Fuquay-Varina to provide free disposal on September 23-25. For more information, call 856-6168.

FEMAand local governments are also working on plans to ease the problem. But for now, many residents must handle disposal of Floyd's leavings themselves.

Damage to trees was less severe in Durham. Small yard debris, no greater than three inches in diameter, will be picked up curbside there next week.


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