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Some ECU Students Stranded, Many Lose Off-Campus Housing

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GREENVILLE — The flood waters are a huge problem for the people of Greenville, and some ECU students are stranded.

Apartments are underwater, and thousands of students may have lost their off-campus housing.

The Tar River is actually receding, but it has a long way to go. The people at ECU trying to reopen their campus have a long way to go as well.

The ECU campus looks pretty good except for a parking lot turned pond and some scattered water damage.

However, it is a different story for a handful of students. Since Floyd blew through, they have had food and power, but now they must use Port-A-Johns because the city of Greenville has no water pressure.

"It has been a little difficult for me to be patient because I want to get out of here. Overall, it hasn't been that bad," said student Tonya Rascoe.

"I've been calling mom, and mom wants to come and get you, but she can't because the roads are flooded. You want to go home, but there is just no way," said student Christie Houtz.

The situation at ECU is not as critical as it is for some Pitt County residents waiting in line for non-food items in Greenville.

However, ECU does have a serious problem when it comes to housing. Up to a third of its 18,000 students may have lost their off-campus housing, and the school is scrambling to find them new places to stay.

"Students are just without money. They are without food. They are without belongings. We're trying to facilitate that for the short-term," said Ron Speier, Dean of Students.

ECU does not know when it will reopen, but the stranded students may have some luck. The school plans to send them to Raleigh in the meantime.

Greenville is also in trouble in terms of electricity. The one line that serves the whole city is just a few inches over the river. However, the city does not believe the line will be submerged.


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