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Boat Tour Shows Depth of Damage in Wayne County

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WAYNE COUNTY — In many parts of our area, homes, businesses and cars are still underwater. We have seen this devastation by land and by air, and now by boat.

George Humphrey gave WRAL's Len Besthoff a nautical tour of Clairidge Nursery Road in Wayne County.

Watch RealVideo (28.8 modemsorISDN and faster) The Little River flooded Humphrey's business and his son's home.

"It's as much as I've ever seen around here," he says.

The street is 10 feet deep in some places. Fence posts now double as channel markers.

And it is not only what you can see or what you can smell out on the water. It is also what you can hear.

About a half-dozen roosters have made a home on top of an island of debris.

"Well, at least they got a place to stay," jokes Humphrey.

It may be a while before Humphrey can walk through his business again.

"It'll be about Saturday or Sunday before I can get back to it," he says. That is, if we do not get more heavy rain.

Humphrey also owns a home on that flooded Wayne County road. His wife convinced him to move somewhere else after it flooded during Hurricane Fran.


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