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Water Still On the Rise in Goldsboro, Kinston

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GOLDSBORO — More rain is only adding to the anxiety people are feeling after the flooding.

In Duplin County, a dam has already broken. There is no water in the lake because, chances are, it is in someone's home or business.

The drama in Wayne County continues to unfold. Monday night, another family was rescued from their home on the west side of Goldsboro.

After dark, the Neuse River looks muddy and mean. On the west side of Goldsboro, the waters are swallowing homes and businesses.

At the Neuse River Shopping Center, the only way to get through one drive-thru is to float through.

In Kinston, the Neuse rose all day Monday. Water is creeping toward Sandy Shimer's hardware store, and he does not know how high it will get.

"Some people expect three feet more. Some people expect four feet more. We really don't know. It's just a wait and see type of situation," said Shimer.

Down the street, two hotels have been evacuated, and the water is moving in.

"People older than I am say they do not remember it being like this. A lot of people are saying this is as bad as it has been in 100 years," said Kinston resident Adelle Murphy.

People in Kinston are worried that if the water gets any higher, it could flood into the downtown area.

In Goldsboro, the river is not expected to crest for another couple of days.

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