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Hot Weather Causes Repair Crews To Work Overtime

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RALEIGH — Early summer-like temperatures in spring are putting many air conditioningsystems to the test. The hot weather is also keeping repair crews workingovertime.

Fixing a home air conditioning system canbe expensive, but there are some inexpensive things youcan do to prevent problems. Replacing air filters every month can savewear and tear on a home system.

Dan Gladstone of Cary says he wished he hadgone a step further signing up for regularmaintenance checks.

"The problem basically is that we didn't dowhat we should have done which is check it out,give it a tune-up or whatever an airconditioner needs," he says.

There is less you can do about preventing problemswith the air conditioner in your car.One repair shop owner recommends if youhear a noise in your system, turn it off andget it checked before you do more damage.