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Homeowners Are Still Concerned About Problems With Lake Kildaire

Posted April 10, 2001 8:36 a.m. EDT

— The centerpiece of a Cary neighborhood is now at the center of a debate.

Last month, the homeowner's association pulled the plug to fix one of Lake Kildaire's drains. The lake has refilled a little bit, but people who live near it still have an empty feeling.

"I think what was really awful was there was no vegetation for the animals and the fish died," says homeowner Ann McConville.

The problems about the lake are not over. Some neighbors are concerned about a new homeowners association plan to build a walkway around the lake as well as putting in silt islands in various sections of the lake.

"What if we were to find a contractor or somebody who needed landfill that could come and take it away. Why haven't we looked into that," McConville says. "It seems that would be a more feasible, financial aspect, rather than these islands. They tried it before."

McConville and some of her other neighbors have formed a lake watchdog group. They plan to hold the homeowners association accountable for any changes they do not agree with.

They also plan to hold a homeowners meeting Wednesday night to discuss the lake situation.