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Women Gather for Special Night Out Once a Month

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CARY — For decades, men have gathered in smoke-filled rooms to play cards, enjoy a few drinks and have some laughs. Now, women are creating their own social outlets -- nights dedicated to fun and female bonding.

Sandy Cashion is a physician's assistant. She spends her days running. A little after 5:00, Sandy picks up her daughter, Anna, at pre-school. Then it's home for a bite to eat. Every night at the Cashion house is hectic. But Tuesday night is even more hectic than usual.

Sandy is hosting a monthly gathering for a group of 12 women who play a dice game and talk about their lives. Collectively, the women have 28 children. Several of the women also juggle careers.

More and more women's social groups are cropping up. Some play Bunco, others play cards, others simply share a meal. The point is cultivating female friendships in a busy day and age. What did you think of this story?Send us feedback.


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