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Back to Normal: Princeville Seniors Prepare to Return Home

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The rebuilt complex has a few new perks, but the basic design is the same.(WRAL-TV5 News)
PRINCEVILLE — Dozens of seniors had a sweet homecoming Tuesday, months after being forced from their homes by Hurricane Floyd.

Twelve senior citizens moved into the rebuilt Prince Court, a low-rent, subsidized apartment complex destroyed by Hurricane Floyd. To keep returning residents happy, the owner added a few perks but retained the original design for the rebuild.

"They're familiar with the surroundings, familiar with the room, familiar with the way things are," said Margie McKittrick, the complex's property manager. "They like to keep it that way."

State officials say that the Prince Court complex is a perfect example of why they allowed most flood victims to stay in temporary homes past the March deadline. Many of the complex's residents are still living in trailers. They needed the extra time to have a seamless transition.

Many of the seniors have long-range plans in mind. One widow, who is about to turn 90, says that she would like to remarry, now that she has some space.


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