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Goldsboro Couple Finally Moves Into New Home

Posted March 12, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— A Goldsboro couple moved into a new home Tuesday, but this is no ordinary moving story because of the age of the couple. They are 103 and 96 years old! Theirprevious homewas destroyed by Floyd.

John and Mary Headen moved into their new home after their previous one was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd. Mary said a prayer before going into each room of her new home.

"For each room I go in, I want to thank God because we would not have had it if it was not for Him," said Mary.

"I never had a place like this in my life. I have had plenty of houses, but everything is handy in there," said John. "I like the whole business just right. Everything is precious, and there is nothing I see that is out of place."

The new home is part of a new community built with flood victims in mind at a modest cost. According to the Headens, it is a palace. There is even room in the back for patch of collard greens that John has been planning.