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New Cell Phone Effectively Combines Phone, PDA

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(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — Would you like a fancy digital phone that also serves as a PDA? Meet the Kyocera SmartPhone.

Offered byVerizon Wireless, the phone is a digital and analog phone, as well as an eight-megabytePalm Pilot. The phone is supported by all Verizon digital rate plans, and it is easy to use.

A double-duty Hotsync charger lets you download data from your PC, usingAvantGosoftware. E-mail is sent and received wirelessly, and there is plenty of memory to handle it. You can also use it to take voice memos and use voice dialing.

The second-generation phone was originally developed by Qualcomm. The first version was much larger, had less memory and far fewer capabilities.


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