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For PC Problems, Try A High-Tech House Call

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RALEIGH — When your computer goes down at work you probably just call someone from your IT Department -- better known as "The Computer Guy." At home it is not as easy. But there are people you can call.

Matt Carter, the owner of PC MedEvac, makes high-tech house calls.

His patient is an ailing laptop many said was over the hill.

Rochelle McCoy is hoping Carter can breathe new life into her laptop with more memory and a new mouse driver.

"Rochelle's computer is an older IBM laptop; it's a 755C," says Carter.

"Would it work for awhile and then reboot?" Carter asks. "That's probably the memory."

Companies like PC MedEvac are becoming more and more popular as the number of personal computer owners grows. Many people would rather have help come to them than have to send their computer out.

"You take it to a shop and the turn around time in a shop is usually a week to three weeks," Carter says. "Most items we can get done in a hour and a half to three hours, same day or within the next day."

Carter is on-call seven days a week, and takes appointments as well as emergency calls. If he cannot fix your computer on the spot, he will give you a loaner to use in the meantime. That means a lot to McCoy, who also depends on her computer for her real estate business.

"Being in the real estate business, you work almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so I want to make sure I'm there for my clients," McCoy says.

A computer house call runs about $65 an hour. The rate is higher for small businesses. That rate does not include parts.

For information, call919-369-7800


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