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Coming Soon: HDTV On Your PC

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RALEIGH — Imagine being able to watch your favorite TV shows in high-definition, all while working on your computer.

Avid Carolina fan Tom Kressly works for iTech Group, the people who developedAccessDTV, a digital TV card for computers. He watched Friday's game while he monitored the stock market and chatted online with other fans, thanks to an AccessDTV card in his machine.

The card fits into any Pentium II computer, allowing people to watch analog or digital TV with an antenna. AccessDTV also allows you to record programs on your hard drive. A subscription feature offers a program guide and automatic recording.

The card is not intended to replace digital TV in the living room, but it converges TV and the PC, including full HDTV on your computer.

Access DTV will be available in time for the Final Four, when CBS and WRAL-DT will broadcast the games in high-definition.