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Electronic Filers Face Some Problems; Destructive Virus Making Rounds on Net

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 (WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — The latest computer virus to infect the Internet is spreading quickly -- probably because of its name. And some e-filers are getting their tax returns sent back. Some E-filers Hit SnagsE-filing your federal tax return is supposed to save taxpayers time. TheIRS' Web sitesays it is simple and encourages electronic filing.

However, thousands of e-filers' returns are being rejected. The program allows taxpayers to select a PIN as an electronic signature, but Kiplinger Tax Cut and Intuit Turbo Tax filers have had problems.

Filers must furnish last year's adjusted gross income and the amount of tax paid, in addition to their birthdates. Some people may not be doing that, which means their tax return will be returned.

The IRS says it has no problem on its end of the process, but H&R Block cannot explain why some people are having problems.

Just remember to follow directions carefully, making sure everything is in order before submitting the return. Filers can also simply mail in a signature form, bypassing the PIN process. "Naked Wife" Virus Wreaks Havoc on InternetThe "Naked Wife" virus is sweeping the Internet.

Discovered just three days ago, the trojan virus is spread by e-mail in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. When received, it poses as a Flash movie entitled "Jib Jab."

It is very destructive. If opened or executed, it deletes important files necessary to operate your computer. Keep your anti-virus program updated, and do not open suspicious files.


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