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Raleigh Mom Helps Grocery Shoppers Get Organized, Save Money

Posted March 6, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Many people waste time and money wandering through grocery store aisles. A North Raleigh stay-at-home mom has developed a way for shoppers to get organized before leaving home.

Several years ago, Gina Thomas came up with the idea ofMy Grocery Checklist, creating a business of paring down Internet-based grocery lists.

"I thought it would be neat if I could just have the items that I was going to purchase on the list instead of all the other items," she says.

The site lists more than 300 grocery items. There are even blank spaces, so you can add items that are not on the list.

Just check off what you need and print out a quick shopping list. You can even create your own account and check off items categorized in four store sections.

"In the grocery list they're categorized and they're all grouped in the specific area where you would purchase them," says Thomas.

Thomas says her online grocery list can save you money, because you will shop less often.

"It's meant to be a simple site that you can come on, check off what you need and go."

The mother of four has other time-saving tips.

"I always go through the ads. That's part of planning your trip to the grocery store that cuts down on the impulse buying," she says.