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Morrisville Company Wants To Move Clinical Trials Beyond The Paper Process

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MORRISVILLE — Pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies are speeding up the process of getting people healthy. A Morrisville company is helping out withetrials.

Thirty-five employees at etrials put the Internet to work by moving clinical trials beyond the paper process.

"We use the Internet to collect that data, so instead of doctors requesting all that information on paper, we have them log onto a secure Web site and enter data that way," says John Cline, etrials' president.

Getting patient information and feedback into the trials system will benefit everyone. New, effective drugs get to the market faster. Small, touch screen computers are used to collect information in doctors' offices.

"They'll be entering patient information here, which will then be transferred to a diary that the patient is going to be taking home with them," says Travis Jackson of etrials.

Drug companies get daily feedback, and patient monitoring is more accurate and timely.

The company has grown into larger quarters and needs to add 15 people to its staff. Demand for the service is high.

"If you were to pick the top 10 drug companies in the world, we're probably working with at least six of those," Jackson says.

One of etrials' systems is being used in more than 15 countries, and involves more than 20,000 people.

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