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ESA's Jumbotron Provides Plenty Of Entertainment For Fans

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When you go to the ESA, the entertainment is not just on the ice or the hardwoods. The jumbotron at the ESA provides entertainment for the fans.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — If you have been to theEntertainment and Sports Arena, you have probably watched the Jumbotron. A lot of work goes into making it entertaining for fans.

As teams warm up on the court or the ice, another highly skilled team prepares for a very special TV show. During theCIAA Tournament, for example, the Canes Vision crew will work 12 hours a day for fans in the ESA.

"The Canes' vision was to make the experience for the fans the best possible experience and the best possible experience comes with the best possible equipment," says Pete Soto of Canes Vision.

Cameras are strategically positioned around the arena, but they are all controlled from the upper reaches of the arena.

Soto produces the show looking down from his high perch. The director switches from camera to camera in the digital control room.

High-tech graphics are part of the show, as well as shots of fans captured by a remote-controlled camera. Fans look forward to seeing themselves.

"Our goal is to provide entertainment. Unlike the TV viewers where you have stats and everything, we provide stats, but we also provide a lot of entertainment, a lot of good music making the fun part of the experience," Soto says. "We're their eyes. It's the second most-watched thing other than the actual playing surface."

Canes Vision was set up to televise Hurricanes hockey games, but it is used for many other events including basketball, monster trucks, wrestling and some concerts.


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