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South Johnston Senior Practices What She Preaches, Wins Extra Effort Award

Posted February 13, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Carlie Abel, a South Johnston High School senior, is an honor student and a top-notch athlete.

Kim Peacock, the team's assistant basketball coach, says Abel is the one who keeps the Trojans' basketball team together.

"She is the rock that we stand on. She gives great leadership, and she does so much more than what she does on the court because she adds so much to the girls as a team," she says.

Abel, whose father is a minister, is a quiet, unassuming leader who does not mind at all not following the crowd.

"My parents always brought me up to be a leader and not a follower," Abel says. "I have always thought that is important that you don't fall in with the crowd because you are so much better off, and you stand out a lot more."

David Bell, Abel's teacher, says she puts her heart and soul in her athletics and her studies.

"In class, she really sets herself apart because she pays attention to what you are saying. She puts herself into the work and really tries to comprehend what is going on," Bell says.

"Everyone is looking saying, 'Well, she's a preacher's daughter. Why is she doing that?'" Abel says. "It does sort of brush you, but it is a good thing because it makes you think and do the right thing."

Carlie Abel is this week's winner of the Extra Effort Award. Tom Suiter's Extra Effort award airs Wednesdays during WRAL's 6:00 News.

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