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DMV To Patrol Highway Construction Zones

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The Division of Motor Vehicles will be watching construction zones very carefully.(WRAL-TV5 News)
DURHAM — The next time you drive through a highway construction zone, you may want to think about DMV enforcement officer Keith King because he's thinking about you.

King is one of 28 Division of Motor Vehicle officers who have been specially trained to focus on North Carolina's highway construction zones.

He has some pet peeves, among them, "people in a hurry, people in a hurry to get somewhere and not slowing down, not observing the signs the barrels and the more dangerous situations within the work zone."

An average of 29 people die in work zone accidents in North Carolina every year. Most of them are construction workers.

"The worst thing that I could ever possibly do in my job is have to call someone's wife and say that they were injured during the course of their duties with us," says Highway Contractor Scott Clement. "Luckily, I have not had to do that yet."

The state is simply out of money for the kind of high profile ad campaigns that have run before. Now they are moving from awareness to enforcement. King and his fellow work zone enforcers will now be running radar, running down violators, and most likely running up the number of work zone tickets.

"If you're going to speed through the work zone, you have got to remember one thing: if you speed a little, you will lose a lot," says King.

If you are caught speeding in the work zone, the fines start at $250.


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