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Four Charged With Filing False Tax Returns

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RALEIGH — Four people in Wake County learned Friday that there is a big difference between simple errors on your return and tax evasion.

Christopher Banton, 25, was charged with obtaining property by false pretenses. Takeya Baker, Toyke Baker and Gwendolyn Lawrence were also charged in connection with filing false income tax returns.

Investigators say that the four people claimed they worked at Wal-Mart, but they were not employed there. Declaring falsely that they earned wages, police say that each collected a state income tax refund of $2,000. One of the checks was cashed before Raleigh police and N.C. Department of Revenue moved in.

Police prosecute about 55 people each year for attempting to cheat the state's taxpayers. Honest mistakes are not prosecuted, as long as they are corrected.


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