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Cumberland 911 Response Times Increase; Growth, Staffing Blamed

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911 response times in Cumberland County are increasing.(WRAL-TV5 News)
FAYETTEVILLE — Emergency response times are getting longer for 911 callers in Cumberland County.

In 1998, getting to a call averaged over four-and-a-half minutes. Last year, the number more than doubled to a response time of over 10 minutes.

Sheriff Moose Butler says that staffing issues play a role in the delay. At any given time, his department has 10 to 15 deputies on the road -- fewer if people are sick or on vacation.

"We don't have overtime, and it takes people off their shift," he said.

Keeping up with growth is also plaguing emergency services in the county. Butler says that many communities have new subdivisions, but due to budget constraints, he cannot increase the amount of deputies on patrol.

Response times in the city of Fayetteville have remained fairly constant, averaging around four to five minutes.



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