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Very Superstitious: Bulls Players Share Secrets of Success

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DURHAM — As the Durham Bulls opened its season Thursday, many players say they do strange things to keep Lady Luck on their side.

Outfielder Chris Hatcher will change spikes during the game if he strikes out. He also likes "clean" hits.

"I'll check out the showers, and if I don't get a hit, I don't shower in that shower again," he said. "I move around until I get some hits, and I'll stay in that shower until I get all the hits out of it."

One player says he does not change underwear when he is on a hitting streak.

The players say that some big leaguers have some strange superstitions. Sammy Sosa flicks water off his fingers toward right, center and left field before games. Wade Boggs has to eat chicken for his pre-game meal.


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