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Bargain Hunters Shop Around To Give Others A Home

Posted March 31, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— If it is time to remodel a room or spruce up part of your house, there is a way you can do it and benefit others in the process.

The Habitat for Humanity's Reuse Center is becoming a popular place for rental property owners as well as remodelers and do-it-yourselfers. Items are donated for a tax write-off and whatever is not used in a Habitat house is sold to the public for a fraction of the original price. The proceeds go toward building more homes.

"The obvious benefit is that it enables us to continue the housebuilding effort. There's also a strong environmental component to what we're doing," says manager Ryan Jacoby.

The 40,000-square foot warehouse is stocked with all types of building materials from door knobs and light fixtures to the kitchen sink.

Stephen Peay, a regular at the reuse center, picked up a $100 bathroom vanity for $40. He says he will use it in one of his rental properties.

"Fifty percent of the stuff I put in my rental properties I buy here to meet costs for damage that tenants do," he says. Bargain hunters here are building support for some people to have homes of their own. Laurie Clowers, WRAL TV5 News, Raleigh. -->

Habitat's goal is to have $1 million in sales which would be enough to build 12 homes a year. The Reuse Center is located on Alwin Court in Raleigh.