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Cumberland County Unveils SIDS Prevention Program

Posted March 27, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— The number of victims from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in North Carolina is above the national average.

As part of the Back to Sleep campaign, state and Cumberland County experts are talking about what parents can do to prevent a SIDS tragedy. LaRue Robinson knows the heartache firsthand -- her son Jacob died from SIDS.

"You go home, the baby's crib is there, the toys are there, and it's like, what do you do with them?" she said. "It's a long healing process."

Billboards will go up this month in high-risk areas with the "Stomach to Play, Back to Sleep" message. Other measures to reduce SIDS include early prenatal care, a firm crib mattress and keeping pillows and toys out of the crib.