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Victim's Brother Tells Students A Sobering Story To Help Prevent Drunk Driving

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Jason barber makes a living telling his story -- not for profit, but for redemption.(WRAL-TV5 News)
RALEIGH — This week, Triangle students and their parents have heard an extraordinary story about drunk drivers from a young man whose actions led to his brother's death.

Jason Barber makes a living telling his story, not for profit, for redemption.

"It makes it a little easier to look at myself in the mirror," Barber says. "It makes it a little bit easier to live with the hurt that I and my whole family lives with every day."

Barber killed his little brother while drag racing when he was drunk. He served four years in prison.

"There's not a day when it doesn't hurt," he says. "It always hurts, every single day. It still hurts -- the fact that Aaron's gone because of my dumb choices."

Four times this week, Barber told Wake County teenagers and their parents his story. But it is not his alone. Nearly 16,000 drivers got behind the wheel last year, drunk, and killed someone.

"How they live with it, I don't know. For me, I had to search my heart and I had to find a way that I could live with it. And this is how I do it," Barber says.

During the program, Barber asks students and parents to signa contractpromising not to drink and drive.



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