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Cumberland County Officials Sack Plan To Bring In Arena Football

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The game is over for arena football in Fayetteville before it even started. Money problems forced leaders to sack a plan to bring the city its own team.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CUMBERLAND COUNTY — A lack of money in Cumberland County may just kill a move to get Arena Football into town.

Monday night's game between the Carolina Cobras and the Oklahoma Wranglers may be the last time fans can see arena football in Cumberland County. County officials say they do not have the money to sustain a team.

"This county is facing probably its worst financial crisis in a long, long time, which means that we have to be fiscally responsible," says George Breece, chairman of the Fayetteville Civic Center.

One of the main sticking points with the arena football deal is that the county will not pay for the team's playing surface. It would cost the county $150,000.

"We have to enter into negotiations that would be positive for Cumberland County," says county commissioner Lee Warren.

Fans say a local football team would give them a reason to stay in town.

"I'm a big fan of football and I would love to see it come to Fayetteville because I live here," says fan Exodus Bethea.

Officials hope to come up with a compromise before the April 16 deadline.


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