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Faculty, Students Pack Duke University's Campus To Debate Newspaper Ad

Posted March 25, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— An ad in Duke University's newspaper sparked a campuswide debate Monday night.

Some faculty members and students on campus are upset over a full-page spread inThe Chronicleby conservative columnist David Horowitz that denounces reparations for the descendants of slaves. Most were split about the issue.

"I would like to see this university move to the next level and have a reasonable, rational debate on whether or not reparations are a good idea and the pros and cons," says student Tim Griffin.

"Make me feel like this is my home, and I can be here for four years and not have to fight every day, and not have to argue every day and not have to feel that I am not respected here," says student Adeola Ogunkeyede.

Last week, students staged a sit-in in protest of the ad. The editor of the newspaper says he does not plan to write a retraction or apology, but he says he hopes the dialogue about the issue will continue.