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Teen Drivers Gather in Raleigh to Learn More About Safety

Posted March 22, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Teenagers are some of the most dangerous drivers on the road. A new state program is trying to make teen drivers safer.

About 700 teens from around the state came to S.E. Raleigh High School to learn about safe driving and the dangers of drunk driving.

They drove golf carts and wore glasses that simulate driving while drunk. Many of the orange cones set up along the course were casualties.

"I was laughing, but it's not funny because those could have been people instead of cones," said high school senior Samantha Bailey.

TheGovernor's Highway Safety Programsponsored the event, which officials concede does not always reach the right people. Most of the participants are members of Students Against Drunk Driving.

Officials say they would like to expand the program, but the program has only five golf carts, and state budget cuts will likely prevent them from acquiring any more.