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Drained Cary Pond Partially Fills Up, Neighbors Still Worried

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Lake Kildaire is partially full, after recent heavy rains.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — The sight and smell around Lake Kildaire in Cary have improved since its controversial draining last week, but neighbors are still concerned.

The local homeowner's association drained the 40-acre lake to fix a drain pipe. Hundreds of floundering fish eventually died in the empty mud bed.

However, this week's heavy rain managed to help fill the lake again. The lake still is not full, there are no fish, no turtles and no vegetation.

Neighbors are concerned that the lake's ecosystem has changed completely. Until nature can heal itself, residents are happy to have their lake back.

"This is a lake that belongs to all of us," said neighbor Ann McConville. "I think we all need to care about that."


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