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Carrboro Fire Chief Strikes Guilty Plea In Harassment Case

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Carrboro's fire chief pleaded guilty in court Thursday to two counts of violating a domestic violence protection order.

Prosecutors say Rodney Murray, who was arrested three times in a three-week period beginning in late December, harassed his former girlfriend, Gina Ambrosecchia, for several weeks.

In his plea deal, the state agreed to a prayer for judgment in the case for six months and also agreed to delay prosecution of a charge of misdemeanor stalking.

In addition, Murray, who resigned last week after being Carrboro's fire chief for more than a decade, is required to undergo therapy and stay away from Ambrosecchia.

If he adheres to the conditions, he will stay out of jail, but if he does not, Ambrosecchia's attorney, Fred Battaglia says there are no second chances.

"We will be asking for active time in the Durham County jail or the Department of Correction," Battaglia said.

While Murray's family and friends sat quietly in support, his attorney, Butch Williams, explained that his client had simply hit a rough spot in his life and that he should not be judged solely on his recent actions, but his lifetime commitment to the community.

"You've got a man whose got 37 years of good service, 57 years of a good life, and this is one of those things: emotions and relationships," Williams said.

Murray's resignation becomes effective March 1. He still faces a DWI charge.


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