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Johnston County Man Jailed For Allowing Daughter To Skip School

Posted March 18, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— A Johnston County father is in jail for refusing to send his daughter to school due to their religious beliefs.

Harry Bridges is serving 15 days for allowing his 14-year-old daughter, Rebecca, to skip classes at Corinth Holders School.

The family's church pastor, who calls herself the 7th angel of God, says it is wrong to look at images of living things images that are common in textbooks and classrooms.

Shirley Bridges, Rebecca's mother, is trying to get her to go back to school like the family's other children.

"[I'm] going to try and get her back to school tomorrow. If she don't, I'll be locked up for 15 days as will her daddy, but I'm going to try and get her there," she says.

Johnston County school officials say they tried to accommodate the family's needs and even suggested home schooling, but they could not reach an agreement with Rebecca or her father.