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Duplin County Residents Want To 'Dump' Plan For Proposed Landfill

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Residents of Calypso say they do not want a landfill in their backyards.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CALYPSO — A dump debate had opponents piling into an Duplin County school Monday night.

Residents of the town of Calypso came out to North Duplin Elementary School to discuss a proposed landfill. Many people at the meeting said they do not want a landfill in their own backyards.

"A big industry in the garbage business is not concerned about recycling, reducing and reusing. They are only interesting in more garbage and more money," says Francis Parks of Citizens for Safe Environment.

"I have family here, and I have children who want to come back here to live. I want it to be a safe place for my grandchildren to be born," says resident Deborah Kornegay.

Last summer, Waste Industries of Raleigh met with Duplin County commissioners to discuss a proposed site for a landfill.

"The county can cut their disposal costs from 40 bucks to 25 bucks a ton. That will save them $250 - $275,000 right off the bat," says Ven Poole of Waste Industries.

Duplin County Citizens for a Safe Environment say the proposed savings will not be worth it if their health is at risk.

Waste Industries says the landfill poses no threat to the environment.

"There is a variety of redundant systems that are designed to prevent any contamination from getting outside of the landfill," Poole says.

Because of the opposition, the family that owns the site of the proposed landfill has filed a lawsuit against the town of Calypso.

The Waste Industries plans to meet with Duplin County commissioners in April to further discuss the matter.



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