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Engineers Want Motorists To Be More Careful Near Railroad Tracks

Posted March 14, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— CSX Corporationis working together with North Carolina to warn drivers about train crossings.

Almost every day, engineers say motorists try to beat the trains through intersections, not realizing how close they are to a collision.

"They'll stop and sit there and think they can make it. They'll go on around the gates," says CSX engineer Jay Warren. "It's very dangerous and a lot of them, you see, have children in the car. What they ought to think about is the children. Grown-ups know better, but children are innocent victims."

Engineers say it is best to stop and look for the train at crossings. They also warn motorists that they should not count on hearing a whistle each time. Some towns, including Rocky Mount, do not allow trains to blow their whistles when they arrive.