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Person County Authorities Look For Leads In Case Of Missing Trailer

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PERSON COUNTY — As a sheriff's deputy, Dennis Coley is used to helping people. He never imagined he and his fiancee would need help after his new mobile home on a back road in Person County was stolen.

His problems first started when he found out the mobile home was too big for the lot because it was zoned, so he was not allowed to move in. He later learned the soil was unfit for the septic system he needed.

When Coley tried to return his mobile home to Ted Parker Homes, the place he bought it from, they told him they would work with him. A couple of months later, the company went bankrupt. Coley was one of 70 people who lost deposits totaling nearly $300,000.

Just when he thought things could not get any worse, they did. Last month when Coley went to check on his house, all he found was an empty lot.

"It was found missing February 24. Last time I saw it was between Christmas and New Year's Day," Coley says.

His neighbors say they saw what looked like a professional moving crew take the home down in three days.

"I saw them tearing it down, but I didn't know what was going on. I left home for a couple of days and when I came back, it was gone," says neighbor Dorothy McCain.

"If I could find the person that towed that home and find the person who gave the order and find the home. If I could find that, I would be happy," Coley says.

Investigators at the Person County Sheriff's Office are on the case of the missing trailer. They say they are following up on several leads. Between his legal fees, down payment and other expenses, Coley estimates his mobile home incident has cost him nearly $65,000, forcing him to file for bankruptcy.

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