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Fort Bragg Soldiers Participate In High-Tech Training Exercise

Posted March 4, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Members of Fort Bragg's 44th Medical Brigade treated wounded soldiers on Monday, but it was not a real wartime disaster. It was a war being fought in cyberspace.

A computer simulates a war, the enemy, troops and terrain in the Warfighter training exercise. It is all in an effort to help learn how to manage a fight better.

"This is our bread and butter -- to be able to react suddenly and unexpectedly in a large volume." says Capt. Tom Schumacher.

Making a decision at a moment's notice is part of what the Warfighter training exercise is all about. The exercise is so secretive that no one without clearance is allowed to watch.

"From the perspective of someone trying to manage a fight at a headquarters level, whether it happens outside or in computers, it makes no difference because they are receiving information through information systems and reacting to it," says soldier Roger King.

Military leaders say it is an effective, cost-saving way for senior officials to learn how to control a better battle -- a modern method to command, control and communicate.

This is the first time Warfighter has been carried out at Fort Bragg. Experts from the Battle Command Army Training Program out of Texas are at Fort Bragg this week to observe and critique the exercise.