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N.C. State Students Design Transportation of the Future

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RALEIGH — New cars rolling off the assembly line may be designed someday byN.C. State University's Industrial Design Department.

Brian Wismann is one of the young designers being challenged to think a half-century into the future of transportation.

His design drawings have appeared in "Road and Track" magazine, and he also helped build a Formula SAE car that was rated 18th of 100 entries nationwide.

Most recently, Wismann designed a hover craft he calls "Levitate," which he says is "kind of just pushing the envelope and pushing the bounds of what we call transportation design. I can see this being a very cool recreational vehicle or road vehicle in, you know, 30 to 50 years time."

The students' next project is to come up with an innovative SUV design that could be road ready in 10 years or less.