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Senate Bill Would Outlaw Radar Detectors

Posted February 26, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— A bill in the N.C. Senate is causing some road rage in people with the need for speed.

Senate Bill 125would outlaw the use of radar detectors. Buyers enjoy the convenience of a radar detector, saying that the device is simply a radio that does not interfere with law enforcement.

TheN.C. State Highway Patroluses VASCAR, a system that measures speeds without transmitting a radar beam. Troopers say they are getting smarter about when they do turn on the beam.

"We have a sleeper mode, where we turn it off and on and it spurts," said Trooper Scott Pirilla. "When we see a speeding car, that's when we'll turn it on. Normally, when your radar detector goes off, you may have already been caught."

TheDepartment of Crime Control and Public SafetysaysVirginiais the only state in our region that has banned radar detectors.