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Organize Your Life With Tips From a Professional

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RALEIGH — Give us a minute a day and we will give you great ideas to help you manage your time and simplify your life, this week on WRAL's Morning News. Monday's tips:Manage Your Time
  • Reward yourself and your kids for getting out of the house on time in the morning."Say, 'We're going to leave the house every morning at 7, and if we're successful all five days this week, then on Saturday we will do such and such,'" advises nationally-knownprofessional organizer Barbara Hemphill.
  • Make a calendar with all of your family's activities and stick to it.
  • Use errand-running time for one-on-one time with kids.
  • Schedule an hour a week for yourself.Tuesday's Tips:Eliminate Clutter
  • Designate a place for everything
  • Create a "Paper Management Center"
  • Always open mail by a wastebasket
  • Store unused toys for a later time
  • Involve family membersWednesday's Tips:Organize Your Closets
  • Separate your clothes by the season
  • Put like items together -- pants, blouses
  • Take advantage of wall space
  • Use hooks and baskets instead of hangers
  • Keep a box for clothes to give away
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