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Raleigh Woman Serves Food, Inspiration To The Homeless

Posted February 14, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— Most mornings, you will find Mary Judd on the front porch of her downtown Raleigh home. She is a perfect example of a person who isliving the legacyof Dr. Martin Luther King.

Judd has been serving the homeless food and words of wisdom from her porch on Swain Street for almost five years, relying totally on donations to buy the food.

She says one day she had to feed a large crowd with just one pot of soup, but miraculously, she says, the soup never ran out.

"No matter how hard the job is, no matter how little the job is, I've always tried to help somebody," she says.

Judd has her own miraculous story. After a car accident a few years ago, doctors said Judd would never walk again. She says the Lord lifted her up and eventually called her to her front porch.

Anyone interested in making a donation to help Judd feed the homeless can send a check made payable to:God's Helpers of Raleighc/o Mary Judd211 S. Swain StreetRaleigh, North Carolina 27601