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Sampson County Family's Loss Will Be Gift Of Life To Others

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SAMPSON COUNTY — One Sampson County family's loss will provide the gift of life to others.

Bryant Parnell, 10, died after suffering a massive head injury in a go-cart accident. His family had never really thought about organ donation before, until they realized donating his organs could save up to eight people.

"Bryant was a people person, and he loved everybody, He knew no stranger," says Tim Parnell, Bryant's father. "One of the major things that made us want to do it was that he was Type O blood, and he could be a donor to several different blood types. He was a special person in that way also."

Bryant's organs have gone to Texas, Ohio and South Carolina, but his liver stayed close in the Triangle. Doctors transplanted it into a 16-year-old in Chapel Hill.