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Chapel Hill Police Question Suspects in Post-Game Vandalism

Posted February 12, 2001 6:00 a.m. EST

— A piece of videotape recorded on Franklin Street after UNC beat Duke February 1 is helping Chapel Hill Police bring some vandals to justice.

Some people in the rowdy crowd were caught on tape as they flipped over a car, causing an estimated $26,000 worth of damage.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Gregg Jarvies says officers are already talking to two suspects, and two more could be hauled in Wednesday.

"I'm angry, but I don't think I'm as angry as I would be because I really don't have anybody to be angry at," says Mindy Gaudagnino, whose car was overturned.

Chapel Hill police say they have at least four names to go with the faces in the pictures, and more names could be added to the list.

"We will charge them with felony engaging a riot," Jarvies says.

Plenty of name dropping from anonymous callers and someone in the right place at the right time with a digital camera helped out police.

"I'll be a lot happier in the end when there's justice, and there's results," Guadagnino says.

Chief Jarvies says an arrest in this case could happen by the end of the week. And that would be just the beginning, because as more people are identified, more arrest warrants will be issued.

Guadagnino is currently driving a borrowed car.