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Cary Restaurant Serves Up More Than Just Tortillas

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Moving to a new town, where you do not know anyone, is not always easy to "stomach." A Cary restaurant says it has the cure for homesickness.(WRAL-TV5 News)
CARY — If you have ever left home you know, there are tastes of home that are hard to find anywhere else. There is a new business in Cary that helps Hispanic people feel a little less homesick.

Elizabeth Jamieson and Mary Kottkamp do the mixing, baking and machinery repair. Their restaurant, Tortilla Mamas, is the only walk-in tortilleria in the state. Located in the Chatham Square shopping center, it is the only place, other than home, you can eat them fresh from the oven.

"That's what we're trying to offer our clientele -- a taste of home back down in Mexico," Jamieson says. "Our product is completely natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives in it."

Tortillas are not difficult to make. You just mix corn, flour, water and 524 degrees of heat. Some people can come up with different ways to eat the tortillas.

"Just eating them warm and with butter and cheese, a little slice of avocado and just a little sprinkle of salt. Mmmm," says customer Joan Quinn.

Besides serving fresh tortillas, Jamieson and Kottkamp both speak Spanish. They often help Hispanic customers who do not speak English with interpretation and advice on where to get help on other matters.