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Gospel Music Helping Kids Get Fit

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RALEIGH — Part of the trick to getting kids interested in physical fitness is making sure it is fun. Music and the right moves can keep kids from becoming the next generation of couch potatoes.

Fitness pro Phyllis Rollins is a woman on a mission to shape up our kids. Rollins has launched her fitness program with all the passion of a Holy crusade. She calls it "Gospelcise."

"I always use gospel music. Although it might be upbeat or faster than you would normally hear, it is gospel music," she says. "I am Gospelcise. That's what the message is, and being healthy is part of your gospel walk, so it all fits in together. "

Once a week, Rollins gets together with children from the Salvation Army in Raleigh, lifting spirits and raising heart rates.

"They do enjoy it. It's time for them to have fun. It's an expression of self," she says. "Although there are set moves, you still get to express yourself or move, so it's basically whatever they make it out to be."

Rollins is making a difference with children as a volunteer fitness trainer while working full time at St. Augustine's College.

What's the payoff for her?

"You get something any time you work with kids. They're always honest, and you're going to always walk away with some of their energy," says Rollins.

Rollins created the Gospelcise program 10 years ago. She began offering it for free to children in after school programs just a few months ago.