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Goose Takes Gander at Store's Windows

Posted April 27, 2007 7:26 p.m. EDT

— A goose has been strutting so much outside a Cary department store that managers covered up windows so it couldn't admire itself.

The goose apparently is attracted to its reflection in the glass doors and windows at Hudson Belk at Cary Towne Center. So Belk posted placards on the bottom of its entrance doors with notes to shoppers that it was trying to discourage the goose from sticking around.

"He was kind of strutting himself around, flapping his wings, kind of dancing a little bit, thinking he was GQ or something," assistant store manager Herb Eckerlin said. "When you'd open the door, he's come into the building."

But a week after the windows were covered, the goose refuses to budge. It turns out there's pretty good reason to stay.

In a nearby bush, another goose is sitting on five eggs.

"He's protecting his spouse," shopper Mary Crampton said.

"He seems to be handling all the people very well," shopper Joyce Berbach said.

Belk managers contacted Wake County Animal Control, and officers estimated the eggs would hatch May 5. The geese likely will wander off after that, authorities said.

"We're waiting for the eggs to be hatched," Eckerlin said.