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Power Restored to 'Terminal A' After Airport Construction Accident

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — The power is back on atRaleigh-Durham International Airportafter a construction accident interrupted power to Terminal A.

Construction crews working on a new new parking deck cut a major power line, interrupting power to the terminal about 2 p.m. Monday.

Airport officials say a crew was working in and around a manhole cover when a large piece of concrete broke loose, crashing onto a set of live wires that shorted out the system which provides power to the terminal.

Backup generators kicked in whileCP&Lcrews worked to restore power to the building. Still, there were some delays.

"Those backup systems do not provide enough power to operate things like the heating and air conditioning system, the jet bridges that go out and meet out with the aircraft as they are coming in," says airport spokesperson Mike Blanton. "So what we end up with is delays for both arrivals and departures because we have to physically load and unload passengers and have them walk across the ramp and into the terminal."

Baggage carousels were also affected by the outage.

The outage did not affect airport radar or air traffic control operations.

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