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Nash Deputies Arrest Alleged Drug Dealers

Posted September 12, 1999 7:00 a.m. EDT

— Four men are behind bars, and a giant stash of cocaine is off the street in Nash County.

Deputies say they have put a stop to one of the most profitable drug pipelines in the county's history.

It was probably the biggest drug bust ever in Nash County. Seven pounds of cocaine was worth $850,000. If you add that to the cash and a pair of luxury SUVs, you can tell why investigators are so happy.

"In the 25 years I've been in law enforcement, this is probably the largest amount we've received at one time. We feel very, very good about it," said Sheriff Jimmy Grimes.

Authorities say the cocaine was probably on the way to several other counties including Wilson and Edgecombe. Four suspects are behind bars facing a laundry list of trafficking charges.

The list includes 18-year-old Joseph Tyler of Clayton, 18-year-old Ray Waltz of Nashville, 19-year-old George Moore of Whitakers and 32-year-old Desmond Gordon of Orlando.

Deputies say more arrests are likely, so they will not say how the suspects allegedly conducted their business.

They did say that the men used an expensive SUV for selling drugs, so it has been confiscated along with thousands of dollars in cash.

"You can arrest a man for two pieces of crack, three or four pieces of crack, and certainly it's important to get him off the street. But, you can tell by this type these are suppliers. They are not the street corner dealers," said Grimes.

The bust will not stop the drug industry in Nash County, but the sheriff says taking the suspects and the cocaine out of circulation will put the suspects out of business.

The sheriff contacted deputies in other counties Monday afternoon. He believes at least part of the drugs would have been sold across county lines.